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So, I was looking through posts with the tag ‘once upon a time rpg’, and then I clicked on this blog. I scrolled, and then.. MINDBLOW! It was a collection of photos of Robert Carlyle (it was made for his birthday), and I realize.. IT’S DURZA, ladies and gentlemen! Seriously, my mind was blown. I’ve been an Eragon fan forever, though the movie was basically crap, even read the demmed thing (the last book, Inheritance) in English! Well, I did think RC looked familiar.

My. Mind. Is. Blown.

… I’m just gonna go sit in my corner whilst everybody else go ‘well, that was brand new information /sarcasm’. I’M SORRY FOR NOT FANGIRLING THAT HARD, OKAY?

IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A SUPER-SHORT ONE-SHOT DARN IT! I’m on the sixth page.. It’s not even funny! It keeps going in weird directions! But, you know, it has Rumbelle, Snowing, Charming Beauty, Charming Gold and all of those otps and brotps, so it’s not like I’m complaining about the contents. It’s just.. IT SO LONG, UGH, DARN IT! AND RUMPLE IS TOTALLY NOT HELPING! HE’S JUST BEING ALL “GOD, IS EVERYBODY ANNOYING TODAY” AND “GOD, I HATE GHOSTS”. Yeah. There will be an explanation about that in the story…

I know, I know, you’ve written 50 pages of Rumbelle, and you don’t see it as long, but me? This is supposed to be a dip in the waters here on tumblr, the first thing posted, and-… just ugh!

What I wanna do to my brain… No, seriously. -poke-

Also, ANOTHER AU-IDEA IS BUGGING ME. Not necessarily a monster, though. I might write it after this one…

30 days of Castle (x), day four.

Question: Best comedic episode.


Season 1: Flowers For Your Grave.

I’ve watched this episode at least 10 times, and I still find every, single joke funny! You cannot tell me that it doesn’t make it a great comedic episode! Favorite line: “I’m not asking for the bodies, just the pictures.” It cracks me up every, single time!

Season 2: The Mistress Always Spanks Twice.

I just love this episode. I can’t really explain why… Maybe it’s all that extra sexual innuendo. I don’t know…

Season 3: Nikki Heat.

"Is Castle gay?" That scene is so hilarious that I still crack up and almost die of laughter. The look on Beckett’s face.. Ha!

Season 4: Heroes and Villains.

There weren’t a lot of non-angsty episodes this season, so I’m gonna go with the second episode. It seemed a lot lighter than the rest, and of course, I was in love with the ending. Undead Again and Headhunters might be strong candidates as well, though…

30 day challenge (x), day five.

Question: Out of all the characters that died, if you could bring one back, who would it be?

Answer: Daniel.

A lot of people would probably say ‘Graham’, but I was never a big fan of his. Sorry! Wait, I’m not. But I did like Daniel! And (even?) Regina deserves a happy ending and a true love. Call me sappy and romantic and all that, but I wish I could bring him back! Peter is also a strong candidate..

30 days of Castle (x), day three.

Question: Favorite supporting character.

Answer: Javier Esposito.

"Twilight, my ass." *works out some more…*

How the hell do you not fall in love with this man? He’s so hilarious, and he always knows what to say. And he’s always trying to be macho. I love it.

Though, I might have to change my answer to:

Answer: Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan.

They are not as good apart as together. You can’t deny it. Javi’s the macho dude, while Kev is the clumsy sweetheart.

Wait, no. My final answer:

Answer: Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan and Lanie Parish.

Because of reasons.

30 day challenge (x), day four.

Question: Who is your least favorite female Storybrooke character and why?

Answer: Mother superior; aka The Blue Fairy.

"Mother superior"… is that even the right title? I’ve got no idea. Oh, well. You guys know who I’m talking about. Yeah, I don’t like the BF in any of the realms. And because I really can’t hate any of the other female characters, I’m gonna go with her. Seriously, I have no hate for the girls. It’s odd.. I really can’t hate Regina, no matter how hard I try, and I kinda think I’m beginning to ship Swan Queen… I can just picture perfect angry!Sex between the two of them…

Wow. I never thought I would write that in a post about The Blue Fairy. Oh, and why I hate her.. um.. does the name “Baelfire” ring a belle? no pun intended. Yeah, I’m still mad at her because of that, even if it was Rumple’s fault.

I’m sorry, BF, you’re supposed to be good, but I just can’t see it..

Wow. Omegle’s hating on Rumple again.. and my grammar. If you were a fan, wouldn’t you know I was talking about him, though?

Wow. Omegle’s hating on Rumple again.. and my grammar. If you were a fan, wouldn’t you know I was talking about him, though?

Omegle’s hating on Rumple? Well, damn.

30 days of Castle (x), day two.

Question: Your favorite Kate Beckett moment.

Answer: When she went to Castle’s apartment in season 4 finale.

It took the woman some time, but she finally did it; she conquered her fear and claimed her man! Seriously, if you think about it, Kate was really brave. She just told him everything, even if she knew that it would be easier just to let him go. Yes, I’m a fan of brave moments! Though, I do enjoy their banter a lot too… Also, the last scene of Undead Again? D’awwww.. Yes, Kate deserves some credit there as well. Okay, let’s just go with; “every scene where Kate discusses her feelings”.

30 day challenge (x), day three.

Question: What is your least favorite Storybrooke storyline?

Answer: Kathryn’s “murder”.

I don’t know why I have so much against it, but maybe it’s because I guessed that she was not killed the moment Ruby found her heart. I just waited, though, for the case to be solved. Now, I have to fake ignorance for the sake of my family - they’re watching the show now, started watching around 1x11 and 1x12 - and act all surprised, even though they know that I know what is going to happen. The curse of introducing your family to Once Upon a Time when it’s finally on your TV. (Red-Handed was on last Saturday. Yes, I sometimes hate living in Europe.)